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Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Make Money on the Internet

The internet is full of ways to make money and there are a lot of different approaches you can take to make money on the internet.

These sites are Free to join money program below, build up a bank balance, give you confidence and earn you some funds to invest in HYIP or other programs that require you to deposit money first.

BuxTo has been going for some time. Bookmark your log-in page and check your account daily for ads to click on, wait 30 seconds and earn a cent each time. Pays out to AlertPay every $10 reached. You can upgrade your account by purchasing referrals. Wait for the ad to load and then watch the 30 second timer count down. If you open two ads at the same time you will be paid for none of them. Be fair to the advertisers. I have been paid by Bux To although you have to wait several months to get it you are paid eventually.
You can earn about 5c to 20c daily from one Bux site , if you join 11 similar Bux sites you can earn $1 a day in 30 minutes even without buying referrals!
Bux3 is very similar to Bux-to and takes 3 months to pay but does eventually.
The following Bux sites follow the same theme but have low, quick payouts, Buxear , UrOnlineBux, Extra10 , BuxP , Neobux , , FoxCash (now back online) 5iveBux (pays 2c a click) and LoyalBux pays (proof) 1c a click with a $2 payout to AlertPay (you must have a free AlertPay account to join) so get paid quickly to see how the Bux PTC (pay to click) programs work. Remember to bookmark this page and all sites you join to make it easier to return daily.